Stupid is as stupid does in Michigan

So, in the past week, the Stupid Party in Michigan has:

1) Pissed off unions.

Michigan enacted far-reaching legislation Tuesday that threatens to cripple the power of organized labor in a state that was a hub of union might during the heyday of the nation’s industrial dominance.

As thousands of angry union members shouted their opposition outside the state Capitol in Lansing, the Republican-controlled legislature completed work on two measures to ban unions from requiring workers to pay membership dues. Gov. Rick Snyder (R) then signed them into law Tuesday evening.

2) Pissed off women.

It’s been six months since the Michigan State House voted in favor of HB 5711, the anti-abortion “super bill” considered one of the most extreme in the country. Now that the year is about to come to a close, it appears that the bill is back on the legislature’s agenda, and is expected to be voted on by the Senate as soon as today. The bill is almost certain to pass the majority anti-choice Senate by a comfortable margin, and it is extremely unlikely that conservative governor Snyder will veto the bill once it reaches that point.

3) Pissed off Muslims.

As the protests in Michigan continue over the new right-to-work law, the state Legislature is now considering passing a ban on Shariah law.

The bill, sponsored by Republican state Rep. Dave Agema, would block “foreign laws that would impair constitutional rights” in the state. The Associated Press reports that though the bill “doesn’t specifically mention the Islamic legal code called sharia,” its “supporters have said they are concerned about the use of sharia spreading.”

The sharia law one always gets me, because Tea Bagger attempts to limit the rights of minorities (bogus voter fraud laws), immigrants (build a fence to keep foreigners out), women (anti-choice legislation) and gays (defence of marriage act) and their utter disregard for secular views (bible in the classroom and intelligent design) is the American version of sharia law.

But they’re not bright enough to see that. Ergo, the stupid party.

And that’s why voters have to come to their senses. The Stupid Party can’t exist when people stop electing stupid politicians.

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