Like father, like daughter

Grifters gotta grift (via Jezebel):

Have you taken your eyes off of Ivanka Trump for one fucking second? Hopefully not, since she and her husband, Jared Kushner, currently represent one of the most overt threats to our already existentially imperiled democracy—not a small accomplishment!

The New York Times reports that despite both Ivanka and Kushner now operating as full-blown federal employees, they continue to benefit handsomely from their real estate empire, with a collective worth of around $740 million. The disclosure was included in a Friday night news dump by the White House, which also detailed the assets of around 180 other senior officials.

Steve Bannon’s consulting firm was valued at between $5 million and $25 million, in addition to bank accounts valued at as much as $2.25 million. His rental real estate is worth as much as $10.5 million. Kellyanne Conway’s assets are valued at between $11 million and $44.2 million. Gary Cohn, Trump’s chief economic advisor, holds assets valued at $252 million and $611 million. Together, 27 White House officials have at least $2.3 billion in assets.

Meanwhile, the pump truppets are losing all the programs that are keeping them alive and very slowly realizing they hasve screwed themselves over.


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