Today’s WTF moment

Mrs. Spanky decided today that her family wasn’t being scumbag enough, so, as she boarded the plane to Texas she wore this:

Now, when someone told me she did this, my reaction was, “No, that isn’t real, is it?” But I seem to have forgotten that yesterday I posted that as far as Spanky and his gang are concerned, there’s always new depths to be explored.

Of course, his sycophants and ass-kissing toadies are saying, “Why’s everybody so upset?” I mean really, Mrs. Spanky is going to Texas after her husband the pussygrabber decided that “Sophie’s Choice” was an instructional video on how to best kidnap children and establish a concentration camp, so let’s wear something that displays taste and compassion.

And after the shit hit the fan, she doubled down and wore the jacket again on her return to the White House.

And let’s remember, clothes matter. The folks who support this corrupt regime shit themselves when Obama wore a tan suit.

And I’m not going to fall into the con that Mrs. Spanky was actually sending a message to piss off her sugar daddy. She was in on the Obama was born in Kenya canard. She fits right in with this crowd and merits nothing more than contempt from decent people.

We are a nation run by sociopaths.

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