If I have to read one more story that says “don’t be mean to Spanky and his gang …”

I’m going to scream:

When American businesses stop serving people they don’t like — whether it’s because of their politics, their jobs, the color of their skin, whom they love or whom they worship — we’re breaking the social compact of a civilized society.

In the same week that Sanders was asked to leave the Red Hen before getting to dig into her high-dollar farm-to-table meal, these things also happened in the land of the free:

●A transgender woman was asked to leave a lively Cuban restaurant in downtown Washington for trying to use the women’s bathroom.

●A pharmacist in Arizona cited moral objections and refused a woman’s prescription for miscarriage medication.

●A black man was banned from shopping at his neighborhood grocery store in Maine after asking the clerk why both he and his wife were asked to show their IDs to buy a bottle of sake.

●The folks at a Louisiana Burger King refused to take the order of two hungry sheriff’s deputies because they don’t like cops.


There’s a huge difference between speaking against injustice and using your prejudice to oppress others, which columnists like this don’t seem to understand.

Let’s use the two “leftists are mean to the right” example.

  1. Ellie Mae Huckasanders was asked to leave a restaurant because she speaks in favor of taking babies from their mothers and putting them in concentration camps.
  2. Do you honestly think the Burger King employees just did this because they have the power to oppress cops? (Is oppressing cops even possible?) Or were they high school goofs being equal opportunity dicks? Here’s the rest of the story: A man who identified himself as the restaurant owner demanded a retraction from the sheriff’s office and that service to various people had been denied, not just the two deputies and not just because they were deputies. The kids were doing it to everybody, but the Fox News crowd needs “liberal fascism” red meat for their five minutes of hate.

Let’s go to the right attacking the left.

  1. The Cuban restaurant hires homophobes.
  2. The pharmacist is a religious fanatic.
  3. The Maine storekeeper is a bigot.

DO THESE COMMENTATORS NOT SEE THE FUCKING DIFFERENCE? Spanky’s puppet can’t finish her cheese plate because humans with hearts think mouthpieces for jackbooted baby snatchers should be shunned. Burger King kids are stupid.

But the transgender woman, the woman seeking the miscarriage drug and the black people in Maine are being denied their basic rights. That’s oppression.

Why the hell should we “be nice to oppressors?”

Oh, yeah. And screw that “social compact of a civilized society” bullshit. Do you think the krimson koiffed klepto is now president because he ran a civilized campaign. Get your head out of your ass.

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