Spanky, the mob boss

The korrupt, krimson kleptomaniac got in touch with his inner Al Capone with one of his favorite propagandists on Fox News. Here’s the part of the interview where he thought it was smart to freestyle:

[O]ne of the reasons I respect Paul Manafort so much is he went through that trial — you know they make up stories. People make up stories.  This whole thing about flipping, they call it, I know all about flipping. For 30, 40 years I’ve been watching flippers. Everything’s wonderful and then they get 10 years in jail and they — they flip on whoever the next highest one is, or as high as you can go.

It — it almost ought to be outlawed. It’s not fair. Because if somebody’s going to give — spend five years like Michael Cohen or 10 years or 15 years in jail because of a taxi cab industry, because he defrauded some bank — the last two were the tiny ones. You know, campaign violations are considered not a big deal, frankly. But if somebody defrauded a bank and he’s going to get 10 years in jail or 20 years in jail but if you can say something bad about Donald Trump and you’ll go down to two years or three years, which is the deal he made.

In all fairness to him, most people are going to do that, and I’ve seen it many times. I’ve had many friends involved in this stuff. It’s called flipping and it almost ought to be illegal.

You get 10 years in jail, but if you say bad things about somebody — in other words, make up stories if you don’t know. Make up they just make up lies. … They make up lies. I’ve seen it many times.

OK, did you see that? Pussygrabber says that it should be illegal for one criminal to turn evidence against another criminal for a lesser sentence. That’s been the foundation for prosecuting mobsters for, like, FOREVER!

And Spanky’s got “many friends involved in this stuff.” Considering his career is based in New York real estate, which is heavily mob influenced, doesn’t that make you wonder which crime families these “friends” belonged to?

This is the essence of Babyman:

Holy shit!

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