The GOP is full of sharks. Spanky’s Scotus nominee is just another one of them.

Brett Kavanaugh, when he was the hatchet man for Ken Starr’s investigation of President Bill Clinton in the bogus Whitewater affair (look it up, youngsters) and the Monica Lewinsky affair, wrote this:

And the hatchet man also spread lies about Hillary Clinton around the same time:

Kavanaugh was apparently particularly interested in Rush Limbaugh’s odious suggestion to his legions of listeners that Foster had been murdered in an apartment secretly owned by Hillary Clinton. He spent three years and $2 million attempting to dig up dirt on the dead man, at one point demanding that Foster’s teenage daughter give the authorities specimens of her hair — an apparent attempt to prove or imply that a hair found on Foster’s jacket had belonged to Hillary Clinton.

Kavanaugh asked everyone involved about this nonexistent affair between Clinton and Foster — even, eventually, Clinton herself. It later became clear that Kavanaugh knew all along that Foster had committed suicide, and that he had used the power and resources of the independent counsel’s office to lend credibility to vulgar sexual rumors about the first lady, in the process needlessly torturing the family of a dead man.

Let’s just say there is more than one way to assault someone. In this case, which is proven, he assaulted two women: Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster’s widow, Elizabeth.

Kavanaugh is a scumbag right wing hack who has no problem assaulting women verbally. So molesting a 15-year-old girl while he was in high school fits right into his wheelhouse.

Since he is on the record for going after the Clintons for real and imagined consensual sexual affairs, there is no logic on Earth that justifies him not being investigated for attempted rape.

And just to reiterate: The Republicans are trying to push an alleged sexual assaulter onto the Supreme Court. And the Republicans didn’t even give a hearing to a Supreme Court nominee whose only scandal was that he was nominated by a black president.

The Republican Party needs to be destroyed. And I have the perfect analogy for the spirit in which it has to be done.

I was on a beach near Hollywood, Fla., about 40 years ago with my then-girlfriend. It was a normal day, until we saw a guy come out of the water with a baby shark attached to his leg. The shark had bitten him and wouldn’t let go.

The guy rushed to the beach. pried the shark off his leg and proceeded to grab it by the tail and smash it into the ground, over and over again, until he appeared to wear himself out. Then he threw the shark to the ground and got a big rock and smashed it into the dead fish over and over again until he appeared to wear himself out. Then he caught his breath and grabbed the shark by the tail and proceeded to smash it into the ground, over and over again. Then he threw the shark to the ground, got the rock again and repeatedly pounded the dead fish until he appeared to wear himself out. Then he caught his breath again, grabbed the shark by the tail and smashed it into the ground over and over again.

This went on forever. The guy was swearing at the shark the whole time.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking, “Gee, if I had been bitten by a shark, I would be screaming for someone to get me to the hospital.”

I looked at my girlfriend and asked, “Should I stop him?”

And now I fully understand why the obvious answer was, “No! Of course not!”

The GOP has become the shark attached to my leg. Where’s that rock?

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