The Nazis won

I’m immersed in the third season of Amazon’s “The Man in the High Castle,” and depression is setting in quickly. The premise is that the Axis powers won World War II. The former United States is divided into the Nazi occupied East, the Japan owned West, and the neutral territories along the Rocky Mountains.

And of course, as it used to be in the real world, the Nazis and the Axis are evil.

It seems like an appropriate show for this time because:

Here’s a photo of Women for Kavanaugh:

OK. Are you seeing what I’m seeing? Let’s go to the tweet:

  1. My understanding of unpaid protesters is that they don’t drive around in custom designed buses. Which means someone paid for this and I’m sure it wasn’t the folks in this photo, unless of course they’re all rich, which can’t be possible because rich folks don’t ride buses. So they must be having their way paid to do what they’re doing.
  2. Only professional protesters know that you include Instagram, Facebook and Twitter handles on the side of your professionally provided bus.
  3. Those signs look nothing like the hand-drawn, cardboard posters that I saw by the anti-Kavanaugh protesters today on the TV. They cost something, and they were expensive, along with the professionally fashioned T-shirts.
  4. There are 13 people in this Women for Kavanaugh photo. Seven of the Women for Kavanaugh are men. So women don’t even make up a majority of the Women for Kavanaugh cheerleaders.

And Spanky gets away with the bullshit in this tweet, because his fascist followers have no perception of reality.

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