When did Africa become a thing?

According to Esquire, the Toto song “Africa” is a postmodern thing.

Unlike other similarly delightful synth-rock tracks from the era such, Toto’s “Africa” seems like an old hurt that just won’t quit. From beloved TV shows such as Master of None and Stranger Things, to a Twitter bot that tweets its lyrics from the song several times a day, the song seems to have captivated a new generation. Just this March, a video uploaded by an ingenious idiot who hacked his Volvo 240’s door chime to play the song was viewed over 3.5 million times.

So we go from this:

To a choir rendition in 2013:

To today’s rendition from Weezer:

Not that I’m complaining. The song is on my iPhone playlist. But I’m an old guy. What’s their excuse?

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