This is how deranged Fox News is

Sean (Please, let me kiss your ass, Spanky) Hannity had this image up on his show:
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was the surprise winner of the congressional Democratic primary in the Bronx. Yes, this is her platform.

Hannity put this up because he says these are all bad things.

This is fucking crazy. Are Fox News viewers that far gone that they really believe they should be against all of this?

If so, Fox News viewers, give up your social security and your Medicare and see how long your soulless carcasses stay alive.

1 thought on “This is how deranged Fox News is

  1. the “solidarity with puerto rico” thing really gets me. Why shouldn’t we care about Puerto Rico? Oh, wait– After all this time, does Hannity (and FOX) think PR is not a part of the United States? How the hell do people still not know PR is a territory of the US, and the people there are American citizens?

    My inner geography teacher is dying a little inside. Gah!

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